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Matthew 25 in the PC(USA): A bold vision and invitation


First woman ordained by Presbyterian Church reflects on 65th anniversary

The Rev. Dr. Margaret Towner featured on ‘A Matter of Faith’ podcast days before historic anniversary

Women ministers, clergy of color report higher incidences of discrimination than their counterparts

Minister Survey also explores opportunities, leadership struggles

COGA approves designated space for Black, Indigenous and people of color at General Assembly

BIPOC commissioners/advisory delegates to have opportunity to process assembly together

Preparing to provide language hospitality for yet another GA unlike any other

Global Language Resources plans to tap into new technologies for 2022

Learning from one who was at the frontlines of denominational change

Dr. Michael J. Adee shares his life’s work during a webinar on extending and expanding inclusion

Presbyterians prepare for UN Climate Change Conference

COP26 to be held beginning Sunday in Glasgow, Scotland

How one church turns virtual worshipers into members

Finding creative ways to engage remote churchgoers into the life of the church

Report: New Worshiping Communities are more racially diverse and younger than traditional PC(USA) congregations

2020 Leader Report finds nearly 40% of NWC participants are unchurched, are affiliated with another religion or expressed no religious faith

Want to reach a diverse client base? You yourself must be diverse

The mission agency’s manager for Diversity & Inclusion explains an agency training initiative

A Single Step

Ideas for beginning ecumenical and interreligious ministry

Stewardship matters

Your generosity toward mission co-worker ministry makes relationships and revelations possible

Board of Pensions to serve more with expanded access to Assistance Program

Changes include new grant for ministers and wider eligibility

PC(USA) hospital chaplains respond to gargantuan pandemic needs

Chaplains are ‘compassionate, loving people’ and a blessing to people in need

Streetside vigil demands an end to Title 42

Tucson Borderlands Young Adult Volunteers and their Mennonite counterparts demonstrate against expelling asylum seekers

Board of Pensions publishes Board Bulletin for fall 2021

Directors adopt recommendations on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

From disruption to dialogue

New book on the psalms explores how the Bible’s diversity calls us to tear down divisions

Making good use of the Mission toolkit

Resources abound for churches to end hunger and poverty

Scripture as a cookbook, blueprint or trail map

8 Habits of Evangelism author on teaching says the Bible is for ‘living’

Federal domestic violence legislation championed during PC(USA) panel discussion

Event highlights need to eradicate gender-based violence in Puerto Rico

‘I believe the divine embrace is wide indeed’

Prof. Anna Case-Winters talks about pandemic-related work with the World Communion of Reformed Churches and her new book on the Incarnation

Minnesota congregation anticipates successful Christmas marketplace despite COVID-19

Oak Grove Presbyterian Church continues to faithfully support the Presbyterian Giving Catalog

Facing our insatiability

Systemic poverty exists because many of us support policies that suppress wages

‘I am a Presbyterian, and that’s what we do’

Panelists share their abiding love for education during a Matthew 25 online gathering

Finding our way by developing spiritual fortitude

1001 New Worshiping Communities launches series beginning with the wisdom of experience articulated by the Rev. Dr. Brian McLaren

Join Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church for an online talk on the prophetic witness of the Black church

On Nov. 3, the Rev. Canon Esau McCaulley, PhD, will deliver the fourth annual Gotto Lecture in New York City

Fifty years of eradicating poverty in the Middle East

Jinishian Memorial Program seeks to break cycles of poverty and despair

PC(USA) responsible investment committee expands divestment criteria

MRTI vote means it is likely more companies will be recommended for environmental concerns

Presbytery approves overture about racism toward Native Alaskans

Seeking apology, reparations for closed Juneau congregation

The gospel according to Ted Lasso

The Rev. Dr. Joe Clifford shares lessons learned from the award-winning Apple TV+ series

Don’t sidestep Advent

Commit to a prayerful — and extended — season

The small church: a gift to its community

As numbers dwindle, relationships grow

John Calvin’s theological imagery compelling for ecological concerns, care for Earth

Everyday God-talk explores the God who cares for Creation and abundant life

Wiping away tears of injustice

May God’s will be done, and may we be part of it

Immigrants giving back to their communities

Once served, now they are serving

Global actions urge better care for the Earth

Ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference, faith groups around the world call for climate justice

Fair trade co-op lifts Indonesians out of poverty

Christians and Muslims work together for empowerment

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