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Matthew 25 in the PC(USA): A bold vision and invitation


Board approves plan for reimagining and rebuilding the Presbyterian Mission Agency

President/Executive Director and staff will flesh out recommended changes in time for the board’s February 2022 meeting

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Ministry prepares Hispanic leaders to cope in today’s difficult times

Food Week of Action highlights Jesus’ call to serve

Presbyterian Hunger Program associate discusses week on Special Offerings’ ‘Between Two Pulpits’

Minister Survey reveals the lingering effects of educational debt

Some respondents report student loan payments equal to a mortgage payment

Faces of poverty in Ukraine

A community’s response to need

Combating multidimensional poverty on the outskirts of Cairo

Coptic evangelical organization helps impoverished residents acquire knowledge and skills to cope with threats

Five Wisconsin churches join to feed their hungry neighbors

The Presbytery of Milwaukee congregations have reaped a harvest of cooperation

New picture book from Flyaway Books shares that God is always with us

God may not appear in ways we expect, but we can be certain God is with us

Flyaway Books publishes children’s book by acclaimed author Michael W. Waters

‘Liberty’s Civil Rights Road Trip’ is an introduction to key people, places and events from the civil rights movement

Hispanic and Latinx History Makers

Mid council leaders on cross-culturalism and pasión in ministry

Turning guns into molten steel

Cleveland church to hold gun buyback Oct. 16

Hymns from the heart of the Black church

‘Delicate, heavy history’ informs the ‘pain’ heard in the swells, seen in the embodiment of those singing

Grants available to help African American churches meet media/technology needs

Ministries partner to make grants possible

LGBTQIA+ leaders in PC(USA) reflect on coming out, history and the church

We asked several church leaders to reflect on National Coming Out Day, LGBTQIA+ History Month

New Mexico group empowers refugee women

Founder to speak at PC(USA) webinar on church and community relationship building

One pastor and two churches are building congregational vitality

Cameron and Calvary Presbyterian churches in Statesville, NC exemplify a Matthew 25 focus

‘I think the first person we are preaching to is ourselves’

Synod of the Covenant’s Equipping Preachers webinar focuses on ideas for Advent sermons

Small churches have great blessings

Smaller congregations are ‘hardy and tough,’ says Stewardship Kaleidoscope speaker

Good, honest medicine

Presbyterian Mission Agency Board prepares for Thursday’s historic vote on recommendations that could reshape ministry for a generation

Muraho. Bienvenue. Welcome

Refugee resettlement involves moments and lasting relationships

What did the war really cost?

Three PC(USA) ministries participate in webinar about Afghanistan war costs and profiteers

Praying intimately, with expectation and power

8 Habits of Evangelism author says prayer is the only way we can live like Jesus

Presbyterian Giving Catalog provides pathways of empowerment for women and girls

Nebraska congregation honors the International Day of the Girl, Oct. 11, by addressing the numerous intersectional needs of one of the world’s most vulnerable populations

‘It’s not rocket science’

Taking the mystery out of understanding church finances

‘The intersection of faith and media’

Communicators Network launches discussion on using social media to amplify voices that aren’t heard from enough

‘Love yourself well’ is goal for spiritual strength webinar

Registration is open for four conversations featuring church leaders

Everyone is a philanthropist

Stewardship Kaleidoscope workshop focuses on the gifts and talents present in the pews

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