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Coronavirus News
A pastor in Queens has but two pandemic prayers
First Presbyterian Church in Jamaica is the first church in New York City to open a coronavirus testing site
‘Spread love, not germs’
Kentucky’s governor highlights Presbytery of Transylvania’s ‘Love Your Neighbor, Wear Your Mask’ video
Food rescue operations are vital during a pandemic
Pennsylvania woman among those trying to help
‘Anti-racist effort is not optional for us as Christians’
PC(USA) online discussion explores anti-Asian racism and what the church can do about it
New time and new forms of ministry
Stated Clerk offers advice on how to minister to churches during pandemic
Rejecting the quackery of politicians and preachers
To help heal the nation, the Rev. Dr. William Barber II calls for a balm rather than a bandage
Vital Congregations Zoom conversations to resume Wednesday
Diane Moffett and J. Herbert Nelson, II will join May 27 and June 3, respectively
Ethnic violence erupts in South Sudan
Presbyterian Church of South Sudan asks for prayers
‘COVID-19 and the Digital Transformation of the Church’ webinar set for Friday
Church leaders encouraged to think about the theology of technology post-pandemic
Finding the divine in moments of pandemic dullness
Even when it’s online, worship ‘pulls all the riches of the life of faith together’
Festival of Homiletics preacher: ‘I wasn’t sure what God wanted from me this time’
The Rev. Lenny Duncan uses Habakkuk text ‘to mourn the world we find ourselves in’
Church music and COVID-19
Some tips on providing and sharing music during and after the pandemic
‘Every passage of Scripture sounds different now’
Acclaimed preaching professor Anna Carter Florence offers her pandemic-inspired take on Ezekiel’s Valley of Dry Bones
PC(USA) Washington office calls on Senate to support frontline workers and more
HEROES Act, passed by House, includes support for several things Office of Public Witness has advocated
A new tool for evangelism
People are showing up for online worship in unexpected ways
Texas church hosts diaper drive-in
Church volunteers say community outreach to families is ‘a balm for our souls’
Juneteenth celebrations grow
Holiday remembers that freedom’s work isn’t done
Inaugural Matthew 25 event set for June 10
A virtual gathering and commissioning will be held for those who have committed to become a Matthew 25 church
Reminiscing over a very good year
The Presbyterian Mission Agency’s 2019 Annual Report is ready for your review
Pentecost’s divine disorder
Don’t contain the daring Spirit of God. Embrace it.
COGA to create task group to continue work after General Assembly
Group to work with commissioners to address issues beyond the online gathering
‘We must come together as a family’
National Caucus of Korean Presbyterian Churches donates to help congregations of color
Raising hope among children and youth
Pentecost Offering gifts brighten tomorrow
A call for reparations
Self-Development of People, which turns 50 this year, grew in part from the church’s response to the Black Manifesto
Nebraska Presbyterian Foundation awards more than $137K in grants
Projects include food and flood relief, worship enhancement for the hearing impaired
Transforming lives and communities with support from the Pentecost Offering
Tennessee church members embrace ‘Educate a Child’ by tutoring at an Oak Ridge elementary school
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