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Matthew 25 in the PC(USA): A bold vision and invitation


Who has a seat at the table?

PC(USA) strives to make the 225th General Assembly more inclusive

Anti-racism work is heart work

Loving others begins within

An unvarnished look at the Middle East opens the Presbyterian Week of Action

First day of virtual event includes panel discussions, story time and bilingual worship

More than two centuries of giving back to the community

As Hopewell Presbyterian Church in East Tennessee celebrates its 236th year in ministry, its pastor marvels at members’ commitment to giving

Join ‘Act for Creation. Act for Justice’ call-In day for congressional climate action

Presbyterian Office of Public Witness says it’s time for ‘a bold response to climate change’

Stuffed animals minister to young and old

Toys bring comfort and joy

‘Pastors are the unsung heroes helping people get through the pandemic’

A pastor and worshiping community leader who’s ‘frayed at the edges’ looks forward to a sabbatical next spring

New book by spiritual travel writer Lori Erickson explores the religious aspects of genealogy research

Westminster John Knox Press publishes ‘The Soul of the Family Tree: Ancestors, Stories, and the Spirits We Inherit’

Louisville Presbyterian Furlough Home receives a proper send-off

For 56 years, the four apartments, scheduled to be razed for redevelopment, have been a respite for more than 350 mission co-workers and their families

Where hope comes postmarked

Discovering thriving ‘church’ at my little rural post office

Upcoming webinars to feature 8 Habits of Evangelism authors

The purpose is to go deeper into the wonder of God’s justice and reconciliation for the world

Gifts to #Give 8/28 help pastor attend Black Theology and Leadership Institute

Among the lecturers was US Senator Raphael Warnock, the senior pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta

Presbyterian hymn-writer offers a prayer for Afghanistan set to ‘Away in a Manger’

Carolyn Winfrey Gillette’s latest is ‘We Pray for Afghanistan’s People Today’

Hearing from a diversity of voices

Committee on the Office of the General Assembly gets latest updates on the 225th General Assembly

New YAV class will be commissioned Sunday in virtual ceremony

YAVs will be traveling to seven domestic sites, South Korea and Scotland

PC(USA) ministries call for admission and welcome of Afghan refugees

Office of Public Witness calls for advocacy and Presbyterian Disaster Assistance details how to help

Week of Action to highlight Hispanic-Latina community

‘Our stories are part of the PC(USA) story’

Week of Action to highlight Asian American and Pacific Islander resilience, resistance, affirmation and power

Aug. 27 programming will explore both historical and contemporary AAPI realities

Have you thanked your pastor?

After a COVID-19 year, appreciation is valued

As micropantries pop up, creativity is key

Church creates a ‘mini-me’ outdoor food pantry

Seeing the sacred in everyday movements

All of life dances

‘Every day they have to fight’

Online update on Haiti’s situation brings Presbyterians the voices of Haitians and those who walk alongside them

Going where Christ went

Lifelong discipleship formation is about being engaged in issues of the world ‘beyond the threshold of the sanctuary’

Equipping women leaders of color to combat racism

Listening sessions provide opportunity to share wisdom, struggles and victories

Middle East Monday will set the tone for Week of Action

‘Middle East Peace … Our Peace’ will include storytelling, discussions, and worship

Two presbyteries require Minister’s Choice benefits package

‘It’s important for ministers of the Word and Sacrament to be getting a pension’

Speakers bring ‘code red’ and hope to Earth Care conference

Presbyterians for Earth Care focuses on inclusion, work and roots of biblical hope in final day

‘The struggle does not define us’

Black liberation and resilience will be focus of Week of Action’s Saturday lineup

New Director of Development named at the Presbyterian Historical Society

Luci Duckson-Bramble brings funds development experience, Presbyterian and community connections to PHS

Put on the whole armor of God

One reason preachers might tune in to Between Two Pulpits each Monday is for its fresh take on the upcoming lectionary passage

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