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Matthew 25 in the PC(USA): A bold vision and invitation


Vaccination and faithfulness in a time of pandemic

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) urges vaccination against COVID-19

PC(USA) ministers are not reticent to talk about mental health

Minister Survey affirms need for training to recognize and respond to mental health challenges

General Assembly planning, renovations and questions about vaccinations

Committee on the Office of the General Assembly opens fall meeting with full agenda

Year of Leader Formation discusses deacon ministries

Congregation leaders highlight the importance of deacons

Peace & Global Witness Offering

Bringing hope in times of despair

A small urban space for peace

The peace garden at Louisville’s Beechmont Presbyterian Church celebrates a diverse community’s peacemaking efforts

Brief questionnaire seeks information from church educators

Fulfilling a requirement of the 223rd General Assembly, the questionnaire will help shape training opportunities

J. Herbert Nelson troubled by treatment of Haitians coming to US

Stated Clerk calls for US to 'critically analyze our foreign policy'

You’re welcome

A Missouri congregation explores "How Welcoming are We?" with Covenant Network of Presbyterians leader

Planned giving is the opportunity of a lifetime

Stewardship Kaleidoscope workshop encourages church leaders and donors to share the stories behind the gifts

Church embraces a history of service

Early Matthew 25 church welcomes everyone to the ‘table’

Jubilee Weekend is an opportunity for advocacy Oct. 15-17

Churches can help promote vaccine equity and strategies against poverty

Mission co-worker serving as pastor for Moscow Protestant Chaplaincy

The Rev. Jessica Derise is already reviving a congregation fatigued by COVID-19 and Zoom worship

‘Gifts exist to grow ministry, not bank accounts’

Stewardship Kaleidoscope workshop presenters say stewardship doesn’t end after the gift

New Orleans Young Adult Volunteers respond to tribe impacted by Hurricane Ida

YAVs strengthen special relationship with the Pointe-au-Chien Indian Tribe

‘Conventional ideas of fairness do not account for the original theft’

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) celebrates Native Americans during a special Wednesday worship service

Bundles of free books spur both gratitude and creative ways to share

PC(USA) churches and worshiping communities are using the books to help their young ones grow in their faith

A prison, by any other name …

PC(USA) Immigration Roundtable webinar urges an end to family detention for immigrants, refugees

Learning to sign ‘peace’

Witnessing a ‘peace movement’ in the Presbytery of Mid-Kentucky

Endowment workshop lays out the principles that guide the gifts

Key takeaways including establishing an endowment policy and keeping your pastor involved

‘Figuring out how we share the gospel in Chandler and the world’

An Arizona pastor who’s also a film producer uses his brief films to provide his congregation with real answers to honest questions

Brooklyn’s Church of Gethsemane battered by storm

‘God can make a way out of no way’

You say goodbye, and we say hello

A clergy couple talks about pandemic transitions during ‘Leading Theologically’

Sign up for last antiracism, gender and inclusion workshops of 2021

Training sessions on PC(USA) policy are virtual and intended for anyone who is interested

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