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Looks like print — and so much more!

Presbyterians Today’s sleek online digital edition lets you thumb through the magazine just like the familiar paper copy.

But that’s just the beginning.

Navigating is a breeze. If you’re on a mobile phone or tablet, you can swipe with your finger to move around pages. On a desktop or laptop computer, use your mouse or keyboard. You can easily zoom in or out to make the print as large as you’d like.

A robust search function lets you hunt for exactly what you’re looking for — either in the current issue alone or in the online archive of the past year’s issues.

When you find something that you want to keep, you can download or print it — a range of pages or the entire issue. With the tap of a button, you can also share an article on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest — or by email.

And of course, the links in every issue are live. Just tap on any web address, and a new tab will open with the content you’ve selected.

Reading Presbyterians Today has never been easier! We invite you to explore our digital edition today!

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