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Ray JonesMy oldest daughter just turned 41. It seems like yesterday that I was changing diapers, teaching her to ride a bike, watching her play volleyball, coaching her basketball team, worshiping with her, serving with her and walking her down the aisle. I have enjoyed being her parent every single day of her life. She has literally changed my life! 

Because my own father struggled to be a good role model and father, I carried some doubt about whether I would be a supportive, loving father. But I still remember holding her for the first time and looking into those big, brown eyes and knowing in my heart that I loved her and would never hurt her in the ways in which I was hurt.

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2020 Lenten Resource Guide

To help you make decisions about your Lenten ministries, there is a resource guide from the PC(USA) store — with a curated list of resources on preaching, devotion and education. Click here to find the right resource for you.

And as you enter into the season of Lent — and the paschal mystery of living, dying and rising with Christ — consider using these free resources from the Office of Theology & Worship as a guide.

Free Lenten resources
Kathryn Threadgill
Vital Congregations Gathering

Vital Congregations Coordinator Kathryn Threadgill says participants at the April 27–30 event in Austin, Texas, will explore what it means to be a congregation that is transforming through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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Sunday worship service
‘Why in the world would we do that?’

While wrestling with a new idea — to livestream their traditional worship service — a Pennsylvania church discovers their answer to an often-asked question.

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Featured video: Colliding with Jesus

Colliding with Jesus: A new ministry helps women find healing in their brokenness.

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A paper chain built by Presbyterian generosity is unbreakable!

Our Links of Love special giving challenge celebrates our united and collective impact toward making a difference in the lives of others around the world. Get involved today.

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