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Matthew 25 in the PC(USA): A bold vision and invitation


Former GA moderator and Presbyterian News Service chief Marj Carpenter dies at 93

She was ‘one of most powerful missionary advocates for justice that God has given to the PC(USA)’

Three sets of Co-Moderator candidates make their pitches

The online election during the 224th General Assembly is set for June 19

A great crowd talks about how they’re caring for the least of these

Matthew 25 entities are commissioned, hear stories of God at work

World Refugee Day: A time of solidarity and celebration

Presbyterian churches are encouraged to take part

Young Adult Volunteer program creates new normal for 2020-22 YAV program years

But the motto stays the same: ‘A year of service for a lifetime of change’

Baltimore General Assembly history

A look back at seven previous Baltimore assemblies

Regarding Ruling Elders: A Monthly Series for Serving Faithfully

Praying for Others in the Time of Pandemic

Global partners express solidarity with US siblings

Working together for a better world

Synod of the Sun network aims to help confront and dismantle racism

About 40 people in four states seek to heed ‘God’s ongoing call to love and justice’

Support Justice in Policing Act, PC(USA) Washington office says

Office of Public Witness says combating police violence part of GA’s anti-racism call

National Caucus of Korean Presbyterian Churches grieves with African American siblings

‘Silence is not an option’

COVID-19 helping to fuel global hunger

‘How do you tell a hungry man to sit at home?’

Behind the scenes at the 224th General Assembly (2020) of the PC(USA)

Technology is key in church’s first online assembly

Prayer vigil serves as on-ramp for Christians on a journey of discernment

Louisville nonprofits host interfaith event to help dismantle structural racism

COVID-19 and the African American community

A North Carolina church hosts an online forum on education and prevention

Celebrating Darrell Guder, a pioneer in mission theology

Longtime educator is the winner of the Excellence in Theological Education Award

Southern Africa Presbyterians express solidarity with US in the struggle for racial justice

Uniting Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa laments security force excesses in South Africa, police killings in the US

COGA says no consent agenda currently exists for the 224th General Assembly (2020)

Leaders say Assembly Committee on Business Referrals will make final decision

‘A virtual choir of international peacemakers’

38-voice global choir one of several ways Peacemaking Program is virtually bringing the global community together

After accident, ‘Surprise!’ from the pulpit pleases congregation members

The Old Meeting House in Frontenac, Missouri, will be ready for worshipers post-pandemic

Latin America church alliance joins PC(USA) to oppose racism, white supremacy

Says racism denies that ‘all human beings were created in the image and likeness of God’

This Young Adult Advisory Delegate to General Assembly is a Presbyterian through and through

Representing Grace Presbytery, Rowan Sankar can’t wait for June 19 to roll around

Domestic violence focus of final gun violence webinar

Presbyterian Peacemaking Program brings 14-part ‘Standing Our Holy Ground’ series to a conclusion

‘COVID at the Margins’ looks at the impact of the virus on the LGBTQIA+ community

Panelists: With instability can come fear

A poignant photograph illustrates dealing with deep grief

Vital Congregations service encourages worshipers to weep like Jesus did when confronting the pain of others

Eight mission co-workers will serve General Assembly as Mission Advisory Delegates

MADs bring special viewpoints to their GA role

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance grant helps network share lifesaving information in Haiti

COVID-19 has created additional difficulties in hunger-ridden nation

No justice, no breath

Just Worship documentary challenges churches to actively seek justice — or risk losing their breath

United Nations human rights experts concerned about the United States

Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations regularly works with Geneva-based experts

Mapping the financial future of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) tops agenda for GA224

Three pairs of candidates seek election as Co-Moderators

What white churches can do about racism

Panel: It’s hard work, and it’ll take time — and money

Presbyterians reach out to Native American communities during pandemic

PC(USA) supporting presbyteries making a positive impact

‘I can’t breathe’

The Palestinians’ plea for liberation

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