Doors to mission are all around us
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Mission Matters

Alethia White, a mission co-worker in Germany with her husband, the Rev. Ryan White, writes about the doors to mission that are all around us.

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Matthew 25 Church
Support mission co-workers

Just as Presbyterians across the nation are accepting the Matthew 25 invitation with its charge to dismantle structural racism — especially in such turbulent times as these — so are our international mission co-workers called to address racial injustices both in the U.S. and wherever they are called to serve. As a former small church pastor, the Rev. Paula Cooper, Regional Liaison for East Central Africa — resourcing churches and institutions in Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda and Zambia — has always been committed to honoring and promoting the dignity of all God’s people. Your gift to General Mission Co-Worker Sending and Support will ensure that Cooper and others continue to witness and work in the struggle for racial justice.

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Defending Armenia

The Republic of Armenia is fighting to defend the people of Artsakh against military attacks by Azerbaijan with the backing of Turkey. The Jinishian Memorial Program has worked for a healthy Armenia since 1993, building faith, democracy, economic, health and social support. We are ready now to help them survive.

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Mission, race, colonialism and COVID-19

The Congo Mission Network is hosting a two-part forum — "Theological Reflection on Legacies of Racism and Ethnic Conflict" — Nov. 7 and 14. Congolese and U.S. theologians will discuss issues of mission, race, colonialism and COVID-19. Dr. Elsie McKee and the Rev. Kabue Mbala will speak Nov. 7 and the Rev. Kabala Mboyamba and the Rev. Jimmie Ray Hawkins will speak Nov. 14. The virtual event is free, but registration is required.

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It’s 2021–22 application season for the Young Adult Volunteer program

The YAV program is for all Christian young adults (ages 19-30), not exclusively Presbyterians, in the belief that people are called and equipped by God for service in many forms. Since the early 1990s, more than 1,700 young adults have participated in a year of service at 45 different sites in 19 countries.

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Belarus, Ukraine, Russia Mission Network talks climate change

At its recent virtual meeting, the Belarus, Ukraine, Russia Mission Network invited an internationally recognized Presbyterian to brief partners on the impacts of climate change and the importance of the work that faith-based communities are doing to bring about change.

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Mission co-workers pray for a window to return to South Sudan

Mission co-workers the Rev. Bob and Kristi Rice firmly believe that God has a reason for them to be in the United States at this time.

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Grief in the reality of a 30-foot dividing wall

Mark Adams and Miriam Maldonado Escobar live and minister on the border of the U.S. and Mexico in the shadow of a 30-foot steel dividing wall, grateful for the opportunity to provide witness to the reality that "Jesus is our peace and has destroyed the dividing wall of hostility."

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A haven for refugees faces closure in Greece

After a massive fire at the Moria camp last month, the Greek government has notified Pikpa camp it must cease operations.

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Mediterranean Hope ministry continues to bear fruit

In recent months, much of Mediterranean Hope’s focus has been on migrants already in Italy. Living below the radar in shanty towns, they are an exploited workforce, propping up seasonal harvests of tomatoes, citrus fruits and olive oil; undocumented, without contracts or access to basic services.

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Matthew 25 Church
Matthew 25-Actively engaged in the world

The Matthew 25 invitation was officially launched in April of 2019. Over a year later there are over 600 churches, groups and mid councils that have made the commitment to become a Matthew 25 church and work towards building congregational vitality, dismantling structural racism and eradicating systemic poverty.

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