Study may lead to a vaccine for HIV/AIDS
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Mission Matters

Mission co-worker the Rev. Dr. Jonathan Seitz teaches classes related to mission, religion and world Christianity at Taiwan Theological Seminary. Using a metaphor of four different kinds of friendship, he encourages students to think of mission in ways that help them prioritize and focus their work.

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COVID-19 didn’t dampen YAV Sarah Bleile’s desire to serve

Sarah Bleile was in the middle of her YAV year when the pandemic hit the U.S. The YAV year came to a halt, but rather than returning home, she chose to shelter-in-place at the YAV house in New Orleans so she could continue to serve as a volunteer with several YAV partner organizations.

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Matthew 25 Church
Become a 2021 Presbyterian World Mission Partner!

Even in the shadows of an ongoing global pandemic, God’s Light continues to shine in Peru, where mission co-worker Chenoa Stock works alongside Joining Hands Peru Network. Through Joining Hands, she helps support ollas comunes, or "community kitchens," which answer the call of Matthew 25 in a special way. Especially during the pandemic, these communal meals have helped struggling families survive, despite rising unemployment. When you renew your annual support of Presbyterian World Mission, you partner with mission co-workers like Chenoa to set a banquet where everyone can take part and be fed. Renewing your partnership is a sign of your dedication not only to Presbyterian World Mission, but to the humility and unconditional love our Church is committed to offering all those we serve. Please renew your support today by clicking the link below.

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Study may lead to a vaccine for HIV/AIDS

For the second time in two years, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has played a role in research by Abbott Labs that may lead to a vaccine for HIV/AIDS. (Photo by Larry Sthreshley)

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U.N. event inspires young women

Victoria Alexander, a Young Adult Volunteer for the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), said the 65th session of the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women has been "one of the most meaningful, inspiring, thought-provoking experiences" of her life.

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Well-trained pastors are a growing need in Southern Africa

The Rev. Bannet Muwowo (left) with the Rev. Dr. Dustin Ellington. Bannet now trains pastors as the principal at Chasefu Theological College in eastern Zambia. (Photo by Sherri Ellington)

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Advocating for human rights in the Occupied Territories

A global partner of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and a nongovernmental organization, HaMoked: Center for Defence of the Individual, was founded in 1988 following the outbreak of the first Intifada, a sustained series of Palestinian protests in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and within Israel, from December 1987 to September 1993. (Photo by Kathy Melvin)

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A tidal wave of green is growing in Peru

The Conservation Committee of Villa El Sol on the outskirts of La Oroya has planted over 30,000 trees to protect the community from mudslides while also holding water in the soil for the growth of other vegetation. (Photo by Jed Koball)

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Nonviolent protestors in Myanmar are met with tear gas and bullets

Since the Feb. 1 military coup in Myanmar, peaceful protesters practicing nonviolent civil disobedience have been met with bullets, tear gas and the fear of being dragged from their homes in the middle of the night.

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Chasefu Theological College and CCAP Zambia finding solutions

Chasefu Theological College in Zambia has overcome a number of challenges and is transitioning from a college to a university.

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Subscribe to mission co-workers’ letters

Would you like to receive letter updates from PC(USA) mission workers? You can sign up to receive letters from co-workers serving around the globe. (Photo by Kathy Melvin)

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Invite a Presbyterian mission co-worker for a virtual visit to your church

José LaMont Jones, a mission co-worker and education consultant in Congo, works alongside the Presbyterian Community of Kinshasa. As soon as he completed his onboarding and training as a PC(USA) mission co-worker, the COVID-19 pandemic and shelter-in-place order hit. He continues to work creatively so he can realize his call to serve.

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We invite you to join us on this journey to become a Matthew 25 church

Jesus calls us to act boldly and compassionately to serve people who are hungry, oppressed, imprisoned and poor. We rejoice how our re-energized faith can unite all Presbyterians for a shared and holy purpose: our common identity to do mission. Over 900 churches and mid councils have accepted the Matthew 25 invitation to help our denomination become a more relevant presence in the world by building congregational vitality, dismantling structural racism and eradicating systemic poverty.

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