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Matthew 25 in the PC(USA): A bold vision and invitation


Matthew 25 and decolonization

‘We are created in the image of God, and we are created to be different. And difference is not deficient’

Author of ‘White Fragility’ and ‘Nice Racism’ shatters comfort zone

Robin DiAngelo ‘dives deep’ at National Council of Churches gathering

Stony Point Center becoming a place of connection for nonprofits in community

Partnership gets food to immigrants; others looking to join residential nonprofit hub on campus

A celebration 122 years in the makingn

A Georgia church returns to its roots, a sanctuary built by the congregation in 1899

‘My faith grows when I am with the people of Haiti’

On Between Two Pulpits, mission co-worker Cindy Corell discusses kidnappings, earthquakes — and Haiti’s remarkable people

Forums slated for Black Millennials

Sponsored by the African American Intercultural Congregational Support ministry, discussions are designed to gain insight into a new generation of leaders

Frank discussions of gender-based violence in English and Spanish

‘Presby Podcast’ simultaneously releases episodes to draw attention to a growing problem

Webinar on religious rights for the LGBTQIA+ community set for Monday

The event is another in fulfillment of a 223rd General Assembly (2018) overture

Calling out corruption to root out poverty

The Congo Mission Network and its partners are thrilled with the results of advocacy work designed to reduce corruption

PC(USA) pastors report widespread fatigue, burnout and isolation

Minister Survey indicates most pastors still derive satisfaction from their call

Healing the wounds of separation and loss

Stated Clerk offers words of encouragement in conclusion of Polity, Benefits, and Mission Conference

Hebrews 11 and Matthew 25: scriptural foundations

Mid council leaders hear about rebuilding church in the 21st century

Longtime Louisville Seminary Professor Clifton Kirkpatrick to retire at the conclusion of the fall 2021 semester

A leader in the global ecumenical movement, Kirkpatrick was Stated Clerk of the PC(USA)’s General Assembly from 1996-2008

Single mom, committed church member juggles school and employment to better serve children during pandemic

Presbyterian scholarship helps make dreams a reality

‘No more of this!’

PC(USA) speaks out against domestic violence

Rising out of poverty during a pandemic

Once the food basket of South Sudan, Pochalla has been rocked by decades of conflict

Watch Jesus and do the same

8 Habits of Evangelism authors say fellowship is the vaccine for ‘that’s not my problem syndrome’

PC(USA) leaders support week of action for Cameroon refugees

Efforts include backing legislation to grant protective status to people from warn-torn nation

Regarding Ruling Elders: A Monthly Series for Serving Faithfully

Leaders Dance

Virtual Polity, Benefits, and Mission Conference opens for mid council leaders

Virtual meeting replaces former Mid Council Leaders Gathering

Benefits, Connection and Innovation

Polity, Benefits, and Mission Conference looks at programs for pastors and more

Land use in Latin America and systemic poverty

Asking good questions moves us to solidarity

Princeton Theological Seminary dedicates its library in memory of a prominent abolitionist and pastor

The Wright Library is named in honor of the Rev. Theodore Sedgwick Wright, PTS Class of 1828

‘Mi casa es su casa’

"Welcome one another … just as Christ has welcomed you." (Romans 15:7)

Empowering girls through education

Addressing menstrual health and hygiene issues reduces school dropouts, improves livelihoods

1001 ‘New Way’ podcast opens new season

Conversation with Christian youth educator kicks off season eight

Where do ‘the least of these’ go unseen in the educational system?

Oct. 20 online event is designed to engage the church around the intersection of Matthew 25 and education

Breaking the chains of poverty

Mission makes a difference in Southeast Asia

PC(USA) is major supporter of refugee and migration conference

Church World Service presenting ‘Together We Welcome’ five-day virtual event in November

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