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Matthew 25 in the PC(USA): A bold vision and invitation


Matthew 25 congregation celebrates its impressive roots during Black History Month

An African American nurse, the pioneer of polio vaccine clinic logistics around the country, was a member of Doylestown Presbyterian Church in Pennsylvania

Pastors call on churches to teach the truth about white supremacy

Washington, D.C. pastors reflect on Jan. 6 insurrection in PC(USA) Washington office webinar

J. Herbert Nelson reflects on 35 years of ministry

Stated Clerk shares thoughts on ministry milestone

Musicians band together to stage Justice Concert

Presbytery of New Brunswick creates an online concert seeking an end to social injustice

Washington office rallying support for democracy reform package

Office of Public Witness asks the public to call their congressional delegation about H.R. 1

A new day for the connectional church

How a virus is strengthening collegiality

Keeping traditions alive

One Great Hour of Sharing offering grows not just food but future leaders

Wright, Henderson increase roles with Office of the General Assembly

Agency leaders bring vision and opportunity for 21st-century Church

Six things to do right now to be a better ally

Louisville Seminary professor has a half-dozen strategies white people can use to accompany their siblings of color

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) celebrates Women’s History Month

Church invites congregations to honor women on Celebrate the Gifts of Women Sunday

Doves in flight to be featured in Michigan church’s COVID-19 memorial

First Presbyterian Church of Holt seeks the names and stories of those who have died of the coronavirus

Online ministry help wanted

What are the new church jobs emerging and the skills needed?

The Rev. Dr. Craig Howard joins the Presbyterian Foundation

Stops along the way include insurance, seminary, congregations and mid councils

Preacher, prophet, poet the Rev. Dr. James A. Forbes Jr. extols the blessings of Black love

The Riverside Church’s senior minister emeritus speaks with the New York City chapter of the National Black Presbyterian Caucus

Digital Lenten devotional designed for youth, young adults and adult youth workers

Phone app offers daily devotionals, creating a holy habit

Protests continue in Myanmar since Feb. 1 coup

Nonviolent protestors are met with tear gas and bullets

‘Still I Rise’

Black History Month service asks the question, ‘What is this something?’

The ‘grace and cosmic perception’ of Katie Geneva Cannon

Three-institution collaboration underway to digitally preserve and share groundbreaking theologian’s personal records

A big mission for a tiny church

Prayer and study undergirds feeding others

West Virginia vaccination effort seeks volunteers

PDA and others urging churches to get involved

A sign of life in one of the most contaminated places on the planet

A tidal wave of green is growing in Peru

The hard work of becoming more just and equitable

As APCE introduces its statement about race and intercultural issues, it offers its membership eight webinars

PC(USA) joins call for wider global production of COVID-19 vaccines and treatments

Hundreds of faith and humanitarian groups say intellectual property rule should be waived

This little piggy …

Presbyterian Giving Catalog’s challenge seeks 50 piglets on March 1, National Pig Day

This week’s COVID-19 death milestone leads Christian leaders to pray

Member communions of the National Council of Churches pray, offer words of hope

PDA announces new refugee and immigrant advocacy grant opportunities

PDA grants totaling $100k per year in 2021 and 2022 will be awarded to those speaking out for just immigration policies

Eco-Palms: creativity and caring for Creation in trying times

Last year, 1,030 Presbyterian congregations kept their order in place despite COVID-19

Embracing the ‘Holy Saturday’ phase of the pandemic

What dreams are waiting to be resurrected?

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